The objective of is to become a content portal that provides security and privacy professionals access to a wealth of security and privacy management related materials (templates, examples, etc.). Below is an overview of the different types of materials available. In the intermediate period while the portal is under development, you can contact us in order to obtain one or more of the materials listed in each of the sections.


Executive level content that will help you set up, maintain, transform, report upon your security or privacy (team). Including everything you need to communicate your strategy and organisational design to the executive leadership and the rest of the organisation.


All the content you need to set up, update or amend your security or privacy policy. From top level policies to acceptable use policies and topic specific standards, you can find them here in a structured and organised manner.

People & Organisation

Role and job descriptions (including key performance indicators) for your main security and privacy roles. Additional content on structuring or designing your organisation or team is available in the Strategy section.


Awareness, training and other content that will allow you to communicate your policies, make people aware and provide them with the knowledge they need to act in a secure and / or compliant manner.

Process & Procedure

Whether you are designing, re-engineering or just overseeing existing processes, documenting them is quite important and brings many advantages. offers a structured set of process documentation at different levels of detail that can help you develop, review or update your process documentation and procedures.

Tools & Templates

Tools and templates supporting the security and privacy processes and activities. These tools and templates provide pragmatic, quick-win support to your security or privacy processes.

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if what you are looking for in terms of security and privacy management content seems to be missing. It is very likely we have already some content available but simply did not have the time yet to package it. As we continue our development, the content will be further extended and existing content will be further updated. So, be sure to revisit to check for updates.