We advise and support organisations in optimising or developing their security strategy, team, organisation, policy, communication and processes. We help organisations establish and maintain a solid security program. Basically, we lead the way in security management.

Over time we also want to evolve to a content platform where you can have access to a wealth of examples, templates, that can help you kick start, or improve your security program, strategy, processes, policy, awareness, etc.

Who are we?

securitythisway.com is an initiative started by Tim Wulgaert. For now he is our main contributor. However, the goal is to let securitythisway.com become a platform where multiple security and privacy experts will contribute and share their content.

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Thoughts and ideas

We will be sharing our thoughts, ideas, opinions via the blog section of our website. Revisit the site regularly for updates or follow us on twitter or LinkedIn.

Feel free to participate and share your comments on the articles. Contact us directly if you have any questions or are interested to know more.


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