Security awareness needs to enhance your audience’s understanding of your security policies and procedures, strengthen the overall security posture, and establish that secure behaviour is directly aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives.

Awareness creation is not a one-off exercise, it is a continual lifecycle. The program should be repeatable, sustainable, and maintainable

Awareness programs are all about changing people’s behavior towards a desired, (e.g., more secure), behavior.

However, changing people behavior is a difficult task. Therefore, it is crucial to embed all leading practices of people and organizational change into an awareness program. This also means that you have to take into account the culture of the organization (and maybe even the sub-culture of divisions) and the way to work around change.

Other key success factors include:

  • Ensuring management buy-in and lead by example
  • Segmentation and adapting to different audiences
  • Differentiating media
  • Making it “interesting”
  • Using leading techniques in promoting and
    marketing ideas
  • Branding through a clear and distinct identity
  • Implementing behavioural accountability
  • Measuring effectiveness


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