On November 28 the first Belgian Cyber Security Guide was launched. The development of this guide was a joint effort between ICC Belgium, VBO-FEB, EY, Microsoft, LSEC, ISACA Belgium and the B-CCENTRE. It provides practical guidelines to secure your business.

Yours truly was part of this initiative and was one of the co-authors. I was still with EY when the initiative started, and took a leading role in the writing. I will therefore refrain from commenting on it, and leave that to others ;-)

Though also relevant for larger companies, a lot of effort was put in this guide to make it very accessible and useful to the small and medium sized companies that we typically have in Belgium. Our businesses, regardless of their size, are more and more dependent on digital connectivity and crucial information. This information and its corresponding dependencies have to be protected by good information security governance.

To help businesses in Belgium protect their companies against severe damage stemming from cybercrime, a guide has been developed with 10 key principles, 10 action points and a self assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire will help you to evaluate the security situation in your own company and to see which basic rules you can or should apply.

You can download the guide here: https://www.b-ccentre.be/becybersecure

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