Today the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Digital Economy published a global Cyber Security Guide for Business.

This guide from ICC Global was inspired by the Belgian Cyber security guide, an initiative of ICC Belgium and VBO-FEB. One that I collaborated on back when I was still with EY Belgium (see a previous post). Cool to know that a local guide that I worked on was used by ICC’s Digital Economy Commission as a model and adapted to serve as a global resource.

The objective of the guide is to provide business owners, executives but also their an easy to understand and accessible guide into the world of cyber security and how it relates to their business. This topic is all too often left to the specialists due to fear or complexity. However, it is key that the topic must be more broadly understood, especially by the owners of business and the executives running these businesses.

You can download it here: ICC Cyber Security Guide for Business (2015)

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