I am currently developing a security process reference model. This got me thinking about two important questions that often come up when it comes to process modelling and process documentation in general:

  • Why should you document your processes? Basically, why bother?
  • What are the common pitfalls? Basically, why do we fail?

In this post I provide some answers to the first question. See my next post for the answers to the first question.

Benefits of process documentation

Documenting your processes using business process modelling or similar process documentation or modelling techniques has many benefits:

  • Strategy & Management
    • Helps to manage complex systems and processes, providing a break down into components and a logical visualisation of how processes and activities relate to each other, allowing to see causes and effects, inefficiencies, redundancies, gaps, etc.
    • Allows for a positioning of processes and activities in the broader scale of the organizational processes
    • Enables process agility and change management by allowing new or changed processes to be communicated quickly and in a way that can be understood and compared to existing processes.
  • Communication & Collaboration
    • Increases alignment between teams, roles and processes by a clearer identification of interfaces, hand-overs and interactions
  • Efficiency & Optimization
    • Helps to increase process understanding through visual analysis. And it helps to discover errors, bottlenecks, improvement areas, etc.
    • Enables process assessments, process improvement exercises and process re-engineering
    • Facilitates automation
  • Knowledge & Training
    • Ensures process knowledge is more future proof and not dependent on informal knowledge that gets lost when people leave the company or change role
    • Allows for faster onboarding of new people
  • Control, Audit & Compliance
    • Increases control and consistency
    • Supports compliance
    • Reduces time your people spend with yet another set of auditors or consultants, explaining them the processes all over again

Feel free to comment on this post or contact me if you are interested to know more.

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