People and organisation relevant content

Role and job descriptions for your main security and privacy roles.

Additional content on designing or re-structuring your organisation or team is available in the Strategy section.

  • CISO
  • Awareness Manager
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • DLP Manager
  • Head Cyber Security
  • Head IT Security Operations
  • Head Security Architecture
  • Information Risk Manager
  • IT Forensics Expert
  • IT Security Officer
  • Policy Manager
  • Red Team member
  • Security Architect
  • Hunter
  • Security Officer (mid management level)
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Security Project Manager
  • SOC Manager
  • Head Data Privacy
  • Data Privacy Officer (local / mid-management role)
  • Privacy Coordinator (virtual privacy team member)
  • Records Manager
  • eCompliance Manager (GxP related)