Tools & Templates

Tools, templates, forms, example letters, etc. that can directly support your security and privacy processes and activities.

Most of these are desktop / office based aids that provide pragmatic, quick-win support to your security or privacy processes.

They may also act as examples for defining the design requirements of any tools or automations you are planning to implement. Indeed, for higher volume processes, you should consider to automate the forms and tools by building or buying supporting applications.

  • Archive Room assessment
  • Classification scoring
  • Cloud solution evaluation
  • Contract clauses and annexes
  • Control Assessment
  • Datacenter assessment
  • Exception Request
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Third Party Risk Assessment
  • Breach notification internal templates
  • Breach notification communication examples
  • Breach register
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Data Processing Register
  • Responses to requests from Data Subject (right of access, of rectification, to be forgotten, …)