Dear CEO are you enabling your CISO?

Managing risk is at the forefront of responsibilities that C-level executives deal with on a daily basis. Yet, it would seem that many executive committees are still ignorant of security risk due to a lack of understanding or an unwillingness…

Awareness revisited – overcoming those hurdles

Taking into account the traditional critical success factors of security awareness may not be enough to create a security aware environment. There are a number of hurdles that still make you fail. So how can we overcome those? This post first…

Common pitfalls in documenting your business processes

I am currently developing a security process reference model. This got me thinking about two important questions that often come up when it comes to process modelling and process documentation: Why should you document your processes? Basically,…

Benefits and added value of business process modelling

I am currently developing a security process reference model. This got me thinking about two important questions that often come up when it comes to process modelling and process documentation in general: Why should you document your processes?…

ICC Commission on Digital Economy publishes Cyber Security Guide for Business

Today the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Digital Economy published a global Cyber Security Guide for Business. This guide from ICC Global was inspired by the Belgian Cyber security guide, an initiative of ICC Belgium and…

ICC Belgium and VBO publish Belgian Cyber Security Guide, and I helped writing it

On November 28 the first Belgian Cyber Security Guide was launched. The development of this guide was a joint effort between ICC Belgium, VBO-FEB, EY, Microsoft, LSEC, ISACA Belgium and the B-CCENTRE. It provides practical guidelines to secure…

Sociale media – vele opportuniteiten maar ook risico’s [Dutch]

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Het aantal internetgebruikers en het aantal gebruikers van sociale media blijven een sterke groei kennen, en zijn haast niet meer uit het bedrijfsleven weg te denken. Naast tal van mogelijkheden en uitdagingen, brengt dat ook een aantal gevaren…

Telecoms: Security starts internally, but may become a revenue generator

Information security issues are multiplying as security threats are on the rise and operators are moving into new services and technologies that bring with them additional vulnerabilities. In this article we explore the information security issues operators are facing, but also how operators can turn these into an opportunity for differentiating themselves in the market and even generating new revenues.

Security Awareness Objectives and Key Success Factors

Security awareness needs to enhance your audience’s understanding of your security policies and procedures, strengthen the overall security posture, and establish that secure behaviour is directly aligned with your organization’s goals and…

Privacy in the telecom industry: compliance is the tip of the iceberg

Privacy remains a significant issue for many telecommunications operators and poses ever-increasing challenges. This should come as no surprise; operators capture and hold enormous amounts of data on their customers. Furthermore, factors such as new services, the continued digitization of information, as well as more accessible and ever cheaper digital storage, have only increased (and will continue to increase) the amount — and level of sensitivity — of the personal data operators accumulate. More generally, as operators invest in building deeper two-way customer relationships, their growing dependency on customer data will increase the associated risks.